Spain has a special magic and is one of the favorite countries to go on a trip. And it is that, if you have not yet made a trip to Spain, but you have in mind to do it soon, from our travel agency we encourage you not to think about it anymore and to take the step; You cannot spend more time without knowing what it feels like to be in Spain.

Because it is not only it’s culture, it’s architectural jewels, it’s beautiful landscapes, it’s history or it’s people; It is also its gastronomy, unique in the world. From Spain for Gourmets we give you the opportunity to taste, for example, with our Food Tour in Madrid, ​​the most famous dishes of our country in the best restaurants of the moment.

In Spain, our passion to enjoy a beer or a wine with a tapa, plays an essential role in our way of life and traditions. Nowadays, the tapa is internationally recognized and has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage.

A bar is not a place where you go exclusively to drink and eat; it is a meeting place for family, workmates and friends and the place where we can meet future friends.

While other nationalities choose to spend more time at home, we choose bars to enjoy good conversation and taste quality products, standing at the bar or sitting at a table. The ingredients and food that tapas are made of different specialties from region to region and are cooked and presented in a wide variety of ways.

Everything you can do during your trip to Spain

If you choose Spain for Gourmets as the travel agency that is in charge of organizing your trip to Spain, we can assure you that you will never regret it, since the plans we have to offer you are different from the typical guided tours in Spain that other companies usually offer.

Our Gourmet concept is dedicated to those who love art, culture and gastronomy, and who wish to enjoy it all with us throughout the different regions of Spain.

Spain for Gourmet’s enthusiastic team would like to share those values and places with you, through a different and exclusive offer of private guided tours in Spain which you will find is full of experiences, private visits to remarkable places, charming top hotels and a selection of best Spanish gastronomic restaurants, with select menus for our clients. All the experience we have gained in thoroughly enjoying and tasting our country is now offered to you through all inclusive & fully customizable package tours and experiences.