• Quixote Land and its traditions

    Private Guided Tours Spain

    The land of Quixote and its Traditions

    Enjoy the exclusive visit to the key places in the Hidalgo Don Quixote story, and live the traditions and gastronomy of this unique area of Spain, “La Mancha”.

  • Tour, Castilla y León, Ávila, Murallas de Ávila.

    Private Guided Tours Spain

    Castile. Magnificent traditions and the best Spanish gastronomy in World Heritage cities

    The Kingdom of Castile was core reference of what it’s today Spain, in terms of art, culture, language and gastronomy.

  • Andalusia routes, Plaza de España, Sevilla

    Private Guided Tours Spain

    The essence of Andalusia

    Find the essence of Andalusia, through its art and traditions, a marvellous blend of Christian, Jewish and Moorish cultures.

  • Monastery, La Rioja, Wine, Gastronomy, route

    Private Guided Tours Spain

    Rioja. Monasteries, wine, avant-garde and gastronomic gems

    Find delight in the amazing combination of World Heritage Monasteries, emerald vineyards, medieval villages and best wines and gastronomy.

  • Barcelona, routes of Catalonia

    Private Guided Tours Spain

    Living Barcelona. Magic views, Sea and Art

    This tour lets you experience all the different dimensions of this marvelous city, the magic views, its hidden corners full of art, its beautiful coast and the best gastronomy.

  • Dalí pleasures. Marvellous seaside, wines and art in L¨Empordá

    Private Guided Tours Spain

    Dalí pleasures. Marvellous beaches, wines and art in L´Empordá

    Live a unique experience visiting Dalí´s surroundings and museum, combined with the best gastronomy in one of the world’s top restaurant.

  • Euskadi routes, Pintxos, tapas, gastronomy

    Private Guided Tours Spain

    Savouring the Basque Country

    This tour ensures that you experience this unique country, living its culture and traditions, and enjoying the best known restaurants and products.

  • Galicia. The arrival of the Way of Saint James, Catedral de Santiago de Compostela

    Private Guided Tours Spain

    Galicia. The Way of Saint James

    Over time, Galicia has become an incomparable site of art and history, combined with a delicious gastronomy.

Private guided Tours

A unique take to travel to Spain!

Private Guided Tours Spain, Córdoba Mezquita

Our Gourmet concept is dedicated to those who love art, culture and also gastronomy, and who wish to enjoy it all with us throughout the different regions of Spain.

Spain for Gourmet’s enthusiastic team would like to share those values and places with you, through a different and exclusive offer of private guided tours in Spain which you will find is full of experiences, private visits to remarkable places, charming top hotels and a selection of best Spanish gastronomic restaurants, with select menus for our clients.

All of the experience we have gained in thoroughly enjoying and tasting our country is now offered to you through all inclusive & fully customizable package tours and experiences, as well as through an online shop where the best products of our agri-food industry can be found, allowing you to taste Spain from home whenever you want to remember us.

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