Although Spain is not a large country, its regions will show you a marvellous kaleidoscope of art and culture, traditions and food which have all emerged as a result of centuries of settlers and conquerors.

In northern regions, you will see the influence of the Celts and other northern European settlers as well as different cultural influences that came through the Saint James’ Way during the Middle Ages.

In the south, we will appreciate the sophisticated cultural contribution of the Moors and the Jews, which was later mixed with Christian values and left us with a different and unique result in terms of art, the best food, attitudes of the people and their way of living and dancing.

The central regions of Spain, including Madrid, Castile Leon (to the north ) and Castile-La Mancha (in the south-east) come from the result of centuries of conflicts and alliances between different kingdoms against the Moors as the Reconquest was taking place. The Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon played a significant role in that Reconquest and proved to be the leading influence on language, art and traditional food throughout the country.

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