Certified Origin Calatayud

Calatayud is a Certified Origin, in Spanish ”Denominación de Origen” (D.O.) for wines located in the southwestern corner of the province of Zaragoza (Aragón Community) about 90 km from Zaragoza and covers over 5,600 ha, extending over 46 different municipalities, including Calatayud itself. It borders with the Cariñena (D.O.) in the east and with the province of Soria in the west. It is in the valley of the River Ebro and is crisscrossed by many other rivers including the Jalón, Jiloca, Manubles, Mesa, Piedra and Ribota.

Grape Varieties
Red varieties are predominant in Calatayud DO and account for about 83% of the vines planted. 11 different varieties (7 red and 4 white) are authorized by the regulations of the DO, but by far the most significant one is Garnacha tinta, a red grape, representing over 55% of the vines planted. The other red varieties are: Mazuelo, Tempranillo, Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.

The authorized white varieties are: Macabeo, Malvasía, Garnacha blanca and Chardonnay.

The Garnacha red is our greatest heritage, with plantations which in many cases are over 50 years old and which in the area are known are “Old Vineyards

The adjustment to the area of this variety is superb and from there stems its superiority with respect to the other varieties. The Garnacha is a resistant variety and in many cases is grafted onto Rupestris du Lot or more recently on to Ritchtter 110.

The greater part of our Garnacha crop is situated in high areas, (the highest vineyards in Aragon), and in fields on steep slopes that are difficult for machinery to operate on, most of the cultivation work is done by hand.

Red wine
The red wine of the Garnacha variety represents the essence of Calatayud wines. The colour of the wines is a mild intense cherry colour, varietal aromas of dark fruits, blackberries and gooseberries, and the spicy quality which stands out of cinnamon and clove, as does the minerality or mineral aroma. Balanced wines due to the freshness provided by the tartaric acidity, they are easy, fleshy and big on the palate. In red wines this is expressed fully with the “terroir” effect, and a more complete maturing process along with the presence of polyphenol compounds, means that the climatic conditions acquire a greater relevance in the quality of red wines.

Red wine Calatayud Superior
The wines that stand out from the rest are sold under the under the label “Calatayud Superior”.

These wines are made using grapes of a variety of red garnacha that are more than 50 years old and with low yields that don’t surpass 3,500 kilograms per hectare. They contain a minimum of 85% wine from the red garnacha variety and the remaining 15% with wine from other authorised varieties. They are wines of a picota cherry red, with aromas of fruits of the forest and red berries, their aromatic intensity allows through mineral and balsamic tones, wrapped with a touch of clean wood. Easy on the mouth, tasty, with and intense concentration of fruit and toasted tones, these wines leave a palatable after taste.

Last harvests ratings of the Calatayud D.O. granted by its Regulatory Council are the following:

2008 Very Good 2009 Very Good 2010 Excellent
2011 Excellent 2012 Excellent 2013 Excellent
2014 Very Good 2015 Very Good 2016 Very Good
Certificado de Calatayud (Aragón)
Map of Calatayud (Aragon)