Certified Origin Arribes

Arribes is a Certified Origin, in Spanish ”Denominación de Origen” (D.O.) for of wines in the area where the Douro River joins the provinces of Salamanca and Zamora, both of the autonomous community of Castile and Leon.

Grape Varieties
Main varieties: Juan García (autochthonous variety), Rufete and Tempranillo
Authorized varieties: Mencía and Garnacha

Main varieties: Malvasía
Authorized varieties: Verdejo and Albillo

The grape variety Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia is a red wine grape from Spain. Maybe because it is a complicated grape in its management. It is difficult to get the point to a variety that goes from green to overripe in a matter of a couple of days. Arribes del Duero has the peculiarity of growing on granitic soils, with a high proportion of mica and quartz. This stone becomes a kind of natural mirror that reflects the sunlight and therefore illuminates clusters that already receive a lot of sunlight in this area. The meticulous work in the vineyard to balance the strains is essential. In the glass is a variety in which an interesting rustic vein is perceived, with many aromas of vegetation, scrub (thyme and rosemary) and lavender.

Wines characteristics
White wine
Made with the variety Malvasía.
Colour: these are bright, straw-coloured wines with green hues, generally pale. The wine fermented in barrel presents greater intensity of colour, being golden yellow.
Nose: the aromatic intensity is medium high, characterized by pip fruits, exotic fruits (pineapple, passion fruit) accompanied by soft citrus notes. Appear floral memories (jasmine, rose) and some thyme and wet straw. Some memory of toasted and roasted bread, as well as a touch of yogurt.
Mouth: it is dry wines, with a balanced acidity, with delicate bitterness that gives them persistence, light and sometimes somewhat spicy. In barrel fermentation, aromatic intensity and complexity can be appreciated, with an appropriate assembly between variety and wood, honeyed, persistent.

Rosé wine
Colour: clean, medium intensity, currant colour with strawberry nuances.
Nose: high intensity, with aromas of red fruit (strawberry, raspberry) citrus (grapefruit, orange) floral and something vegetal. Dairy notes and a mineral memory are appreciated.
Palate: mellow, balanced, somewhat bitter, spicy and warm, balanced and persistent.

Red wine
Made with the Juan García, Rufete and Tempranillo varieties.
Colour: clean, medium intensity, cherries with garnet shades
Nose: medium intensity, pleasant and personal. Aromas of red fruits (plum, red currant) and black, memories of pepper. Spices like vanilla and licorice, and in some a touch of wood is appreciated. Balsamic memories (incense, eucalyptus), smoked. Some nuts and minerals.
Mouth: dry wines, medium acidity, slightly bitter, slightly light and persistent. Great structure, body and prolonged palate in its passage through the mouth. Very suitable for barrel aging.

Last harvests ratings of the Arribes D.O. granted by its Regulatory Council are the following:

2008 Very Good 2009 Very Good 2010 Very Good
2011 Excellent 2012 Very Good 2013 Very Good
2014 Very Good 2015 Very Good 2016 Very Good
Certificado de Arribes
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