These General Conditions are subject to the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other laws, Law 7 / 1998, of April 13, on General Conditions of the Contract and other current dispositions.

Improideas makes available to consumers and users a program or informative brochure that contains in writing the corresponding offer on the combined trip and that must include a clear, understandable and precise information about the destinations and means of transport, with mention of its characteristics and class, duration, itinerary and travel calendar.


    Improideas will report on the list of accommodation establishments, indicating their type, location, category or level of comfort and their main characteristics, as well as their homologation and tourist classification in those countries where there is an official classification.

    As well as the number of meals that will be served and, if applicable, if the drinks or some type of them were not included in the foreseen diet.


    General information on the conditions applicable to nationals of the Member States of the European Union regarding passports and visas, and the sanitary formalities necessary for travel and stay.


    Improideas will report the full final price of the package trip, including taxes, and the estimated price of the optional excursions. In the case of additional expenses corresponding to the services included in the combined trip that the consumer must assume and that are not paid to Improideas, information about its existence and, if known, its amount.

    The amount or percentage of the price that must be paid as an advance on the total price and the schedule for payment of the part of the price not covered by the disbursed advance, as well as the financing conditions that, as the case, may be offered. If a minimum number of registrations is required for the realization of the combined trip, and in such case, the deadline for information to the consumer and user in case of cancellation. Clauses applicable to possible liabilities, cancellations. Improideas will take care of all the additional and adequate information on the characteristics of the offered trip.


    The combined travel contract must be formulated in writing and contain among its clauses, depending on the characteristics of the specific offer.

    The consumer and user will be informed, in advance of the conclusion of the contract, of the content of the contractual clauses and will receive a copy of it, once it has been formalized.

    The description of the combined trip communicated by Improideas, as well as its price and all other conditions applicable to the contract must be true and verifiable in the terms established in articles 18 and 60.

    Improideas will provide, in writing or in any other form in which it is recorded and with the necessary time before the beginning of the trip, to the consumers and users, the schedules and places of the scales and the links, as well as the indication of the category of the place that the traveller must occupy in the middle or means of transport that are going to be used.

    The name, address and telephone number of Improideas or retailer in each destination or, failing that, those of local agencies that can help the consumer and user in case of difficulties. When there are no such representations and organizations, the consumer and user will have, in any case, an emergency phone number or any other information that allows you to contact them.


    The price of the package trip has been calculated based on the exchange rates, transportation rates, fuel costs, taxes and fees applicable on the date of the program’s edition or subsequent ones that, if applicable, have been made public. printed form.


    The cancellation of the trip, for any reason that is not attributable to the consumer, gives you the right to terminate the contract with the rights provided.

    If the cancellation of the trip is communicated within two months prior to departure, Improideas must pay the consumer an indemnity based on the time remaining for the departure, which will at least be:

    1. a) 5% of the price of the trip if it occurs more than 15 days in advance and less than 2 months.
    2. b) 10% of the price of the trip, if it occurs between 15 and 3 days in advance.
    3. c) 25% of the price of the trip, if it occurs within 48 hours prior to departure.


    There is no obligation to compensate in the following cases:

    1. a) When the cancellation is due to the fact that the number of people registered is lower than that required in the brochure or in the contract for the package trip.

    In this case, the agency must communicate the cancellation in writing to the consumer before the deadline set in the brochure or contract.

    Failing this, the agency must notify the cancellation at least ten days before the departure date.

    1. b) When the cancellation of the trip is due to reasons of force majeure. Force majeure are circumstances beyond the control of the agency, abnormal and unforeseeable whose consequences could not have been avoided, despite having acted with due diligence.


     Failure to present at the exit

    There will be a lack of presentation on departure if the consumer does not communicate his / her wish not to carry out the trip and does not show up at the time and place provided for the departure.

    In this case, it loses the right to the return of the amounts delivered and continues obliged to pay those that were pending payment

    However, if the lack of presentation takes place due to force majeure, the consumer will have the right to have the amounts returned returned, minus the management expenses and cancellation fees.

    For these purposes, the death, serious accident or illness of the consumer or any of the persons with whom he or she lives or any analogous situation that prevents him from participating in the trip and communicating to the agency that impossibility before the departure.


    Faulty fulfilment or lack of provision of services

    When the consumer checks during the trip that there is a defect or there is a failure to provide a contracted service, you must inform the organizer or the retailer and, where appropriate, the service provider in the same place as soon as possible. The communication must be carried out in writing or in any other form in which it is recorded. After receiving the communication, the retailer or the organizer must work diligently to find the appropriate solutions.

    If you make such communication in the time and manner indicated, the document that proves it will exempt you from providing further evidence on the existence of the defect, unless the organizer, the retailer or the service provider have verified in the presence of the consumer that the defect does not it exists or that it does not meet the indicated characteristics, and so it has been stated.

    If the consumer does not make such communication in the time and manner indicated, must prove the defects that are alleged according to the general test criteria and will be on your account all damages that occur or that are aggravated by your lack of communication.


     Impossibility to provide an important part of the services by the organizer

    Improideas must adopt the appropriate solutions for the continuation of the trip if, once started, it does not supply or verify that it cannot supply an important part of the services provided in the contract.

    An important part of the services provided are those whose lack of realization impedes the normal development of the trip and makes it unreasonable to expect the average consumer of that type of trip to continue it in these circumstances.

    The agency cannot ask for any supplement for the solutions adopted for the continuation of the trip and will pay the consumer any difference between the benefits provided and those provided.

    If the consumer accepts expressly or tacitly the solutions proposed by the agency, he will not be entitled to any compensation for said modifications. It will be considered that tacitly accepts said proposals if the trip continues with the solutions given by the organizer.

    If the solutions adopted by the organizer are unfeasible or the consumer does not accept them for reasonable reasons, the agency must:

    1. a) Provide a means of transportation equivalent to that contracted on the trip to return to the place of departure or any other that both have agreed, if the contract includes the return trip.
    2. b) Reimburse the price paid with deduction of the amount of the benefits provided to you until the end of the trip, except if the defect that prevents the continuation of the trip is attributable to the consumer.
    3. c) Pay the compensation that may be applicable.



    Withdrawal of the consumer during the trip

    The consumer has the right to desist from the combined travel contract once the trip has begun, but cannot claim the return of the delivered amounts and will continue obliged to pay those that are pending payment.

    If the withdrawal is due to an accident or illness of the consumer that prevents him from continuing the trip, the agency is obliged to provide the necessary assistance and, if necessary, to pay the amount of the difference between the benefits provided and those provided, deducted the duly justified cancellation expenses that correspond.

    In both cases, all additional expenses caused by the withdrawal, and in particular those of repatriation or transfer to the place of origin, are borne by the consumer.


    Improideas has a Travel Assistance Insurance that covers the client for all your trips. A cancellation insurance and additional risk coverage will be made available to customers who may or may not, at their discretion, hire them.


    Air taxes: They are unified and mandatory taxes that must be included in the air ticket. These amounts vary according to the date of the trip, the currency exchange, the routes and the stops that are made. Their final amount will be communicated to them at the time of the air ticket issuance.

    Airport taxes: These are entrance and exit taxes in each country, which will not be included in the air tickets. The payment of the same is done locally by the passenger at each airport.

    Rates for fuel increase: These are additional fees that some companies use to regulate the impact of the constant fluctuation in the price of oil. They must also be included in the plane ticket, and the final amount will be notified at the same time as the airfare. The special conditions of air fares oblige us to inform you that the calculated price may be modified depending on the availability of seats.


    In the event that international or domestic flights suffer some type of alterations in their day of operation or schedules, the itineraries may be modified in their order or content. In some cases, certain airstrips will be made with an airline that does not appear on the air ticket or in the confirmation of the reservation, due to the use of shared codes and alliances between airlines, which shall not be the responsibility of Improideas.


    The modality of the same will be specified in any reservation, whether it is a regular service or in private. By default, they will be regular unless otherwise indicated.

    Tips are not included in the price of the package trip. In the case of cruise ships, a complementary contribution is not included in the price of the trip, which is usually, although erroneously, usually referred to as a tip, and whose amount is a function of the duration of the trip and is the sole recipient of the service staff. , regarding which at the beginning of the trip the customer is warned that he must assume the commitment to deliver at the end of the trip.


    These General Conditions and Provisions will be in force until they are replaced by new ones