Certified Origin V. T. Extremadura

Vino de la Tierra de Extremadura” indicates a category of wines with a geographical indication, with specific characteristics determined by environmental and crop conditions, as established in each Geographical Indication, in Spanish “Indicacion Geografica Protegida” (I.G.P.) of Extremadura.

This geographical indication is equivalent to the indications: regional wine (United Kingdom), vin de pays (France, Luxembourg and the Italian province of Valle d’Aosta), indicazione geografica tipica (Italy), vinho regional (Portugal), Landwein (Germany) or landwijn (Netherlands). The denomination may include needle wines, liqueur wines and overripe grape wines.

Vinos de la Tierra” are high quality products that have more freedom when it comes to making wines than in the Denominación de Origen” (D.O), in terms of the grapes used, their processing or the quantities of wine they can make. For this reason, many wine producers and oenologist choose this nomenclature to design their new products without so many restrictions as those marked by a D.O.

Vinos de la Tierra de Extremadura

V.T. Estremadura, in Spanish” Vinos de la Tierra de Extremadura” is a protected geographical indication(I.G.P.), used to designate the wines of the land made with grapes produced in the autonomous community of Estremadura.

However, the wines produced in Estremadura but which already have their own Certification of Origin are outside the Wines of the Land of Estremadura. As, for example, Ribera del Guadiana D. O., or Cava D.O.

Certificado de Extremadura
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