Certified Origin Manchuela

Manchuela is a Certified Origin, in Spanish ”Denominación de Origen” (D.O.) whose production area is located in the provinces of Cuenca and Albacete. In total there are 70 municipal terms of these provinces. It obtained the designation of origin in the year 2000.

Wines characteristics
Reds: They are wines of 12º to 14,5º of fruity aromas, crystalline, with quite correct acidity and dense tear, being predominant those of the tempranillo and bobal varieties, depending on the zones.

Rosé: Wines from 11.5º to 13º. Made from coupage of white and red grapes of different varieties or from Tempranillo fermented without the skins.

Whites: Wines from 11º to 13º. Where the Macabeo and Verdejo varieties stand out.

Grapes varieties
This is our most representative native variety, together with the Levante area. The grape is medium-sized and round in shape, of medium to large thickness and deep blue in colour. The wines are characterised by their deep cherry colour with hints of garnet and violet; appropriate amount of tannins and moderately acidic. It lends itself to the production of very fruity and freshly-flavoured rosé wines.

White grape variety which is very common in our area. The grape is golden yellow and medium-to-large in size, with thin peel and white flesh. They produce fresh and fruity pale wines of good acidity and fine and delicate aromas.
Some excellent “Crianzas” and “Reservas” are also produced using the carefully grown Bobal variety in the oldest vineyards.

-Cencibel or Tempranillo
This is one of the noblest red grape varieties and its Spanish origin is internationally acknowledged. The grapes are of medium size and spherical with small, very round berries that have tough skins and colourless pulp. It produces a must that is well-balanced in sugar and colour and has moderate acidity. The wines are forthright, with well-rounded bouquet and balance in young wines, and are very suitable for medium aging, both in cask and in bottle.

Last harvests ratings of the Manchuela D.O. granted by its Regulatory Council are the following:

2008 Very Good 2009 Excellent 2010 Very Good
2011 Excellent 2012 Very Good 2013 Good
2014 Very Good 2015 Very Good 2016 Very Good
Certificado de Manchuela
Map of Manchuela